Upcoming Live Events -- Yune Sakurai

Friday, July 5, 2019 - Garden of Eden

Yune will appeare as a member of Sokubakukanojo unit.
When: Friday, July 5, Start 19:00
Where: Ruido K2, Shibuya (Access)
Ticket: adv 2000yen, door 2500yen, plus 1 drink
Booking form Enter 1. your name, 2. e-mail (twice), 3. number of person, 4. favorite member(s), 5. additional request, and pay on the door.

Sunday, July 7, 2019 - なな月なな日はななの日

The event will be hosted by Nana Ajima. Nana(なな) is her name and also means 7, so that July 7 will be Nana's day. Yune will be one of seven guests singer.  
When: Sunday, July 7, Open 11:15 Start 11:45
Where: Tokyo Kinema Club, Uguisudani (access)
Ticket: adv/door 2500yen plus 1 drink 500yen.
Booking form Enter your details and pay on the door.

Saturday, July 13, 2019 - Topyell Festival

When: July 13, open 10:00 start 10:30
Where: Ruido K3, Ikebukuro (access)
Ticket: adv 2400yen, door 2900yen (2400yen for those who enter before start), plus 1 drink 600yen
Booking form is yet to be released.

Saturday, July 27, 2019 - Shibuya Idol Theatre

Yune's Solo Event
When: July 27, oepn 11:10 start 11:20
Where: Shidax Culture Hall, Shibuya (access)
Ticket: Preceding Admission 2500yen, Normal 1000yen, A ticket (day pass) 4500yen, door 1000yen.
Booking form Book and pay, then you get a QR code for admittance.
Junior Idol Solo Special
Yune and other 17 young singers perform a song each.
When: July 27, open 13:10 start 13:25
Where: as above
Ticket: Preceding Admission 5000yen, Normal 2000yen, A ticket (day pass) 4500yen, door 2000yen.
Booking form Book and pay, then you get a QR code for admittance.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

The detail is yet to be announced.
When: July 28, evening
Where: BirdLand, Roppongi (access)

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